What is Lithé all about?

Lithé is a literary and a lifestyle portal, created especially for creatives. We love discovering new ways to live full imaginative life. Magic is everywhere around us: in books, reading, photography, design.

What kind of books do we review?

We appreciate every single genre of literature there is, every one of them has its own beauty and magic. However, there are some genres we’re currently focusing on: science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, mystery and contemporary.

We also review non-fiction, especially if it’s related to creativity and artistic life.

are we looking for contributors?

Of course we are! We are always on the lookout for writers, book reviewers, photographers, graphic designers, and other kinds of artists.

how can you apply?

Simply send us an email via the Contact page. Add links where you have examples of writing (like Goodreads, Instagram, or links to other websites). If you don’t have previous experience, it’s all okay.

More importantly, list us your favorite genres and subjects you wish to write about.

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